June 7th 2017 The Raging Fire Storm

An enraged and untamed wildfire swept through Plett, Knysna and Sedgefield.... a day and night none of us will forget.

A mid day sky filled with orange smoke and as the hours past , with no electricity , we sat watching a runaway Fire into the night , stricken with messages over social media from our small panicked community.


We were completely surrounded in Knysna by colossal violent and giant flames fueled by gale force winds that reached up to 120km/h...... totally trapped and terrified.

Nine people lost their lives and over 1000 properties damaged or left in complete ruins of ash.... many family and friends devastatingly lost everything. Within 24hours we were able to get to our son , who we were separated from.... to HUG and hold him tight.

In the next 48hours we set up a small private warehouse helping displaced friends and family with clothes, food and toiletries. This dimly lit bunker grew with the immense support of people all over South Africa and continued for two months . Our little dark , box filled room became a place of humbling moments helping not only the ones we love but many strangers in need.... a team of dedicated hands and friendships formed.

This is a painting I did of a friends burnt down home. I took the photo and caught the reflection of my mentor in the melted glass window. 
It has been a process .... a long fine art process with hours I lost count on at 143 hours, weeks ago....